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Skin Treatments

Epi-Pet is a collection of high performance skin treatments.

Epi-Pet topicals are for skin allergies, bacterial/fungal/yeast infected skin and oily or dry flaky skin. Epi-Pet is formulated to stop excessive coat shedding, insect (flea/mosquito) infested skin and dirty infected ears.

The Epi-Pet products are “Cross over products,” functioning as pet and people friendly. Pet owners report favorable results when using Epi-Pet topical spray on theirs or their pets’ skin. With heightened concern for Zika-like insect diseases, it’s great to have natural skin products that reportedly deny mosquitoes and other insects’ access to people and pets.

Skin cancers, especially those triggered by the sun, are on the rise in pets. The Epi-Pet Sunscreen Spray was created to manage and prevent the formation of sunburn and skin cancer. With guidance from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), Epi-Pet developed the first and the only fully FDA compliant pet sunscreen and was authorized by the FDA to be the only pet sunscreen to be sold and administered to pets.

PetVet is an exclusive distributor of Epi-Pet products. Epi-Pet products were created by our very own Dr. Fleck.

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